Monday, January 10, 2011

Thursday, January 6, 2011

::: The Official Invitation :::

You don't have to be a VIP, our VIPs will have special seating and receive special recognition but
We want ALL to see:  Bravissimo!!!

Remember, we are launching a line of the program that is for: 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

::: Brand NEW Category from Making Memories!!! :::

For more than a year, makingmemories has been developing a new category (yes, a NEW category) in crafting. 

The new line is called:  Bravissimo. 

Elements of Bravissimo, as happened in 2002 with makingmemories and embellishments, are already available…  in pieces…  throughout many categories.  No one vendor has put all the sections together to form a program:  until now.

I’m being vague but we have done everything right in protecting this concept and though we have the actual process patented, there are elements of it we cannot protect –except by our discretion.

The BEST news of all… we are launching a line of the program that is for:  INDEPENEDENT STORES ONLY!!!

Here is what the craft media and various focus group members, who has seen the product, are saying:

·         “An innovative way to give a personalized gift with a handmade touch, the Bravissimo line from Making Memories provides a fantastic way for gift givers to create and give keepsakes the receiver will treasure for years to come.”
o   Jennafer Martin, Editor at Creating Keepsakes

·         … the creative potential behind this collection has me all sorts of happy! I can’t wait to incorporate these dimensional pieces into my scrapbook layouts, my themed parties, and even my gifts. Bravo, Making Memories, for a line that’s both original and exciting!”
o   Megan Hoeppner

·         “The first time I laid my eyes on Bravissimo, I almost jumped out of my skin with excitement. As a crafter, mom, sister, daughter, school room mom, and general gift giver… Bravissimo is simply stunning…  Bravissimo is the perfect way to reach out and let anyone know just how special they are. Every milestone, event, or holiday will be brighter because of this outstanding program.”
o   Ana Cabrera, Northridge Media

We are having our VIP event the MORNING of the first day of the show at CHA (January 29th).

We have special seating for our VIP's, so congrats if you're numbered among the group, but we want to make sure the rest of Team Forza is also allowed to see the product, presented by our CEO, Daniel A. Nelson.

I will upload the invite, so you can see the "Official" invitation which will be sent to all our VIPs, shortly.

The event will be:
  • Saturday, the 29th of January, 2011
  • From eight o'clock to nine forty five in the morning
  • Los Angeles Convention Center, room 304ab
  • Light ho'rdearves will be served and be sure to arrive on time or the party will start without you!!!

Please RSVP by January 14th to Rich Day ~

***If you are a VIP ($7,500+ in sales with MM annually)... please let me know in your RSVP***